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Tim Cottrill

The Winemaker

Tim Cottrill began experimenting with winemaking before he met his bride Caroline Cottrill. Little did he know that his future wife would enjoy the passion just as much as he did. They both loved making wine from their parents discarded fruit. When Tim & Caroline were first married in 1993, Caroline was the winemaker making the wine they enjoyed.

When children started to arrive Tim took over the winemaking. Deciding what techniques to follow came from the creative thinking of Tim & Caroline Cottrill.  They started purchasing juices to create their own wines and from there wine making became a fascination to the couple. 


The Cottrill family always had an organic mind and knew that the organic techniques was very important to Tim & Caroline. They did not want their family exposed to the commercial sprays and knew that going the Organic route they could control the ingredients in their wines. The decision to use the Geneva Double Curtain Trellis allowed him to produce a wine grape that is true to its soils.

With a thirst for knowledge Tim started his studies at the Okanagan College in the Viticulture Program and then had the privilege of working alongside the late Lawrence Herder for 1 year. His first wine creation was a dry red from the Hybrid - Rougeon.

Tim Cottrill's expansion of varietal types continue to grow today and receive Award winning accolades.The Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Meritage , Merlot, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer & the Riesling are just a few of his varietals.

Tim & Caroline’s children Jo, Charley, Esther and Ava are also a big part of the family business, the kids were helping in the vineyards from a young age and continue to help with the family winery today.

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