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Pairing Suggestions


- Chardonnay -

Butter Cream dishes, Game, White Fish,

Prawns or Other Seafood

- Gewurztraminer -

Crab, Shrimp, Pork, Game Meats or

Spicy Foods

- Riesling -

Duck, Bacon, Chicken, Crab or a Spicy Salad

- Flicker -

Chicken, Beef, Fish

- Flamingo -

Foodless Friendly!

- Sparkling Finch -

Chicken, Prosciutto, Sushi or Strawberries


- Meritage -

Steaks, Roast Meat and Chocolate

- Cabernet Franc -

Pork, Turkey, Trout, Egg Plant, 

Arugula or Goat Cheese

 - Merlot -

Beef, Duck, Game Meats and

Roasted Tomatoes

- Pinot Noir -

Pasta, Tomato Dishes,

Perfect with Mushroom Pizza!

- Gamay -

Turkey, Lamb, Grilled Fired Meats

- Late Harvest Gamay -

Sweet Foods, Salted Dark Chocolate,

Vanilla Ice Cream.

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